What We Do - Tamilnadu


To know and to encourage the ability of the children games and competitions are conducted. . Important festivals are celebrated to know the culture and to create the atmosphere of oneness. Parents are happy with the children’s education and their development. Teaching good manners through games, Visual Aid –Action Songs, Exam – 3 term in a year and Parents Meet-Parental counseling

Day Care Centre Activities

Every Monday and Thursday they come to our convent. Many of them are deserted by their children. They have nobody to care for them. Distribution of Rice twice in a week, Manual work-cleaning the surrounding, Medical support and Health tips –Herbal medicine

Tuition Centre Activities

The situation of people has inspired to start tuition center to motivate inculcate interest in children for studies Prayer- Catechical activity, Education, value education and Parents Meet

Nutritional Support for CLHIV Activities

Psychological Counselling, Nutritional Support, Checking weight, Health tips and Meal Together

Disability Program Activities

Yoga, Activities of Daily Living, Physical Activity-Physiotherapy, Speech therapy, Social Activities-Play and Education.

Tailoring Program for Activities

The girls, who are not able to go for further studies, come to learn sewing. We give them training from 11am-3.30pm. They learn cutting and stitching. One of our helpers is teaching for these children. Ari-work, Hand Embroidery and Tailoring