What We Do - Andhra Pradesh

MACTS Registered Groups Programs

Self-Help Groups (SHGs) run by have drastically changed the lives of the women. They used to pawn their possessions for meager amounts, but now every woman boasts savings. JMJSSS has formed more than 3600 SHG groups consisting of 30 women in each group. JMJSSS works in 5 mandals for encouraging savings and giving an equal amount. In the same manner, the government provides funds for self-sustainable programs for women’s groups.

Welfare Programs

Children of the world unite and get involved in the excitement. Neighbourhood Parliaments of Children promote our participation in issues of importance. They spur us to come together, discuss together, decide together and involve together in action and in fun.

The women have identified 70 orphan children. These children access education reduces factors at the root of poverty, such as illiteracy, and is an investment for the whole community. Given opportunities and proper guidance, young people can become highly committed to solving problems and can play a key role in community development.

We work to alleviate the suffering and end the seclusion of widows by changing the way widows view themselves and the way they are viewed by others. We aim to strengthen the capacities of poor widows so they can better support themselves and their children.

Disability Program

The child empowerment program for the disabled children are mainly under four domains-education, health, inclusion and work and income.

Through this project we provide medical and social rehabilitation to 140 children and youngsters below 25 years with disabilities annually. The support is given to education, surgeries, physiotherapy, speech therapy, appliances etc.

Skill Development Programme from NABARD in MACTS Registered Groups

Organized short duration, location specific programmes on skill up gradation / development for sustainable livelihoods / venturing micro-enterprises to three groups of SHG 30 in each group total of 90 members. They received training of 13 days in tailoring, pottery and Jute products in Nambur, Thangellamudi and Salapadu.

St. Joseph’s Technical School

Implementation of the activities are carried out according to the office of the Director of Government Examinations, AP under Technical Certificate course (TCC) Examinations which conducts exam of two papers covering-Drafting & Garment Making(Leg Garments)-100marks and Drafting & Garment Making(Body Garments)-100marks.

Holy Family Care and Support Centre

Holy Family Care & Support Centre is supporting the PLHIV and patients with TB by its out reach activities like regular home visits of the patients in different villages, conducting health awareness programs, organizing health talks on HIV/AIDS & TB, importance of nutrition and personal hygiene, individual and family counseling and the follow up care.

Community Health Programme is supported by CHAAP, Vijayawada & includes the Awareness programmes, Sanitation, Training Programme, Nutritional Support, Rehabilitation, Screening new HIV/TB cases.

JMJ Home for the Aged

It is initiated mainly to care the poor and deserving aged people. All the needs of this home are met by our Provincialate.

Local benefactors occasionally contribute paddy, provide food for the inmates. They are also helping the lepers who reside in a nearby colony. Once a month they visit them, if necessary give them medical care and solve problems like water, repairs etc.

JMJ SSS Nilayam

Hostel for SC, ST & BC Girls at present 150 tribal students in our hostel studying from LKG to 5th standard. This programme is funded by Suryodaya Project- Bangalore for the food and medicine of the students and rest of the expenses are met by the province. There are 23 Grihini students who are learning the skills like Tailoring, knitting, painting, embroidery, cooking, farming etc. And there are 17 children who are benefiting under this programme. All these children are studying. The financial support from CHAI.

JMJ Swadhar Home

Home is comprehensively to rehabilitate widows, victims of Trafficked women/girls rescued or run away from brothels or other places, victims of natural calamities, mentally disordered, Women affected by HIV /AIDS, Women prisoners released from jail and are without family, social and economic support where they face exploitation. This scheme envisages providing them with legal aid and guidance to enable them to take steps for their readjustment in their family /society to rehabilitate them economically and emotionally. To act as a support system that understands and meets various requirements of women in distress. This Scheme encourages women to start their life a fresh with dignity and conviction.

JMJ Ujjawala Home

UJJAWALA home are of inmates from 45-50. The rehabilitation process is implemented according to the need, capability and age of the victim. Home get inmates from Guntur / Khammam / Vijayawada / Warangal/Ongole. Child welfare committee discusses in their meetings and sends the girls to our home for safe protection and custody. We are trying to settle the inmates as and when the proposals come for the orphans.

Formal schooling is encouraged according to their age, previous educational back ground, interest and future aspiration.

Prajwala Counseling Centre

A centre to give support and to stand by the women and girls who are victims of domestic violence, victims of child marriages, victims of dowry, and many other shattered women. Visit Us