Philosophy of JMJ

(The Society of Jesus Mary and Joseph)

The guiding principles of the organization are :

  • The "COMMUNITY" is the center of development and therefore the members of the community should be first of all organized to respect and feel the need for one another (cohesive community).
  • In the second stage, the community will PARTICIPATE in analyzing the micro and macro realities and will begin a process of planning to intervene in different stages of development.
  • The third stage would be where the community would begin A PROCESS OF ACTION for their own betterment Part of this process is also the realization of the need for inter-linking with neighboring communities around common causes. This is also the stage where the economy of the community is made more stable.
  • The fourth and last stage is where the community is able to SUSTAIN ITS UNITY AND VALUE SYSTEM carries forward the work. This stage should enable the community to achieve 'self-reliance with strong unity and leadership, and a value system wherein resources and concern for fellow human beings.

"Action - Reflection - Action" has been the continuous process followed by the organization in achieving its goal of making the communities as viable units for their own self-development.

However, the most important caution is to adapt it as applicable to the particular village situation since the appropriate solution for a particular problem in one village may not be appropriate in another village.