Family Focus Village Development Program

I. Leadership:

VDC with defined roles, responsibilities and representations :
VDC develops the village as planned (focus on bottlenecks and result oriented), in close collaboration with family development groups (e.g. JLG) on the implementation level, in particular on the Mission Topics Leadership, Health Care, Earnings & Finances and Ethics & Values.

VDC Participation in Gram Sabha:
The VDC represents the concerns of the village communities in the different committees/ authorities and conducts advocacy, and ensures that their claims are enforced.

VDC engages in Community Development Works:
VDC effectively deals with environment, safety, infrastructure and sustainable social developments in the village.

Community Organizer:
CO ensures an optimal planning and monitors the development process

Family Development Groups-FDGs :
FDGs are formed and defined with clear supporting roles for specific Mission topics i.e., Earnings & Finance, Values & Ethics.


Children are in between 3-5 years are in Aganwadi, LKG, UKG):
In a adequate environment and infrastructure children develop their emotional, creative senses and social powers and are successfully transferred into school

Children between 6-17 years are in school:
Children score high grade points at school through comprehensive quality education for a sustainable development and more options in life

Youngsters in Professional / Vocational Studies 18-23 years (doing or completed)
Youngsters are in professional and vocational certified skill trainings in order to pursue a professional activity that provides them with a sustainable livelihood

All adults are literates
All adults have basic knowledge of reading and writing

III. Household Care

Food Security (2-3 nutritious meals / day):
Ensure that all families have a regular and balanced nutrition

Kitchen Garden:
Ensure that all families supply themselves significantly with a variety of vegetables and fruits from their own garden

All families live in secure and livable shelters in a clean surrounding

IV. Healthcare :

Access to sanitary latrines
All families have toilets according to our standards, and have and use sanitary latrines properly

Access to drinking water
All families have access to safe drinking water in walking distance free of charge

The village uses sewage water for farming or disposes it in a correct way

Health Care Services
All families have access to health care and know how to deal with emergencies.

V. Earnings and Finances :

Planning for every family :

Income increased
Savings increased
Debt management

VI.Values and Ethics :

Enhancing Family Values
Self-confident strong families and Individuals

Enhancing Community Values
Self-confident strong village communities